Our organization is dedicated to beekeeping and helping non beekeepers understand bees in and around the Southern Santa Clara and Santa Cruz Counties, Northern San Benito and Monterey Counties

If you already have bees our meetings provide a source of new information, and the opportunity to exchange ideas or techniques with other beekeepers. For the communities in our area we are a source of educational information on bees and about people who can handle swarms without killing the bees.

If you are new to beekeeping or just thinking about having a hive in the yard, come to our meetings. There you can ask questions, meet some locals that have bees in their yards, and, if one of the meetings is a field trip, learn the insides of a hive explained by experienced beekeepers .

If you are not sure about beekeeping and want to know more in a short time then go to our Download page for some free books that will give you a short introduction to the subject before you pay for your first 'how to' book. Beekeepers in California should take advantage of these books that, although dated in some areas, provide lot of basic information on beekeeping in our state.

There are many good web sites on bees and, in particular, honey bees. Our pages, rather than repeat that information, contain more of an introduction to various bee subjects along with links to other sites and reference materials. While our links are not extensive they will provide a starting point in your quest. You are invited to use the links at the top of the page to learn more about us and bees.